How To Beautify The Front Of Your Existing Home

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Have you always wanted to make changes to the front of your house so that it would be more beautiful or more dramatic? If the time has come for you to fulfill that wish, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and attractive.

Small Changes - As you make an assessment of the front of your home, you may realize that there are even small things that can make it more appealing. For example, do your shutters need to be replaced? What about your front door? Perhaps it's still in good condition, but you might consider painting it to add drama to the front of your house. Consider bold colors like brick red, turquoise, or even black, and think about adding new hardware. 

Landscaping - Your house might be a gorgeous one that just needs better landscaping. Consider combining a hardscape as part of the design, incorporating large rocks with trees or different sizes, ferns, and a flower bed that includes flowering plants and bushes, succulents, mosses and even vegetables like kale and pepper plants. In addition, think about adding a two or three-tiered water fountain as a focal point. Consider adding statuary and lighting, too.

Paving - Is there enough space for you to add a circular driveway? Besides adding beauty to the front of your home, it would add convenience for those who come to visit. One idea is to use asphalt for the major part of the circular driveway, but to also incorporate flagstone or bricks to a large area right in front of the entryway to your home. Selecting concrete for your driveway opens up many possibilities. For example, it can be faux painted to look like marble or like a pebble stone road like you would find in Tuscany or Mexico. If there is not enough space for a circular driveway, think about adding a walkway from the sidewalk area to your front patio or to your front door. Flagstone or brick would be beautiful. 

The great part about using concrete, flagstone or brick is that all of those materials are affordable and will last for a very long time. In addition, they're easy to care for. Simply use your leaf blower to clean them off and, when extra attention is needed, spray the flooring with a garden hose. 

As you beautify the front of your home, consider taking before-and-after pictures so that you can have a permanent record of the changes you've made.

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