What to Do When You Need to Remove Some Concrete During Your Remodeling Project

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It is not uncommon to come across some concrete during a remodeling job or a major renovation that needs removing before the project can move forward. Removing small sections of concrete is not overly complicated, but if you need to remove a slab or a section of a wall, hiring a concrete cutting service is often a better option. 

Slab Cutting

Large sections of concrete on the ground can be removed in several ways, but most of the methods people use destroy the concrete. There are times when you need to preserve some of the concrete while removing the remaining section. 

A concrete cutting service can use a large saw with a diamond cutting wheel to make very precise cuts in the concrete so that the crew removing the concrete can take out the pieces that need to go while leaving the others in place. An experienced concrete cutter can make the cuts in the right places to separate the sections without damaging either of them when you remove the material you don't need. 

Many times the cuts in the material will allow the contractor working on the job to access plumbing or electrical conduit under the slab. If the section is removed correctly, the contractor may want to replace the concrete and tie the slabs back together down the road. If the concrete cutting service has made the cuts properly, the concrete contractor can make repairs later. 

Wall Cutting

Concrete cutting services that offer wall cutting can be extremely helpful if you are opening up some space and need to remove the concrete wall dividing it. The gasoline-powered saw used for slab cutting is mounted on a lift system that can be anchored to the wall to support the saw's weight. 

Once the cutting starts, the operator will use a hand crank to raise the saw as it is cutting. Once the top of the wall is reached, the concrete cutter is lowered back to the ground and removed from the wall. 

The crew working on the job can then push the section of the wall out, and it will fall to the ground, where it can be broken up and hauled away. Horizontal cutting is also possible, but the saw setup is a little different. If you need to make an extended horizontal cut along a concrete wall, you will need a different support track and a way to lift the saw into place. 

If horizontal wall cuts are needed, it is a good idea to discuss that with the concrete cutting service when you contact them to be sure to have the equipment they need when they arrive.