Using Ready-Mix Concrete To Ensure The Quality Of Your Concrete Project

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Working with concrete can be difficult and can require some specific tools and equipment to do the job right. Using a ready-mix concrete supplier to provide the concrete when you need it is one good way to help reduce the work and ensure that the concrete is suitable for your needs.

Determining Your Concrete Needs

The way you are going to use the ready-mix concrete will often determine the mix you need for your project. A patio might use a slightly concrete different mix than a floor in a garage or basement. 

Working with a ready-mix concrete supplier can make it easier to determine what concrete mix is right for your situation. If there are adjustments that need to be made at the request of the contractor working on the project with you, the ready-mix supplier can make them as needed to ensure the concrete is correct. 

Your concrete contractor can order the ready-mix concrete for the job to make things easier. The contractor will often have an ongoing relationship with the supplier, making it easier to get the right mix.

Being Ready For Concrete

When working with ready-mix concrete, the product is mixed at the mixing plant and trucked to your location. The concrete truck cannot sit and wait for you to be ready, so if there is a delay in the job, you need to let the concrete supplier know as soon as possible. 

When the truck arrives with the ready-mix concrete for your job, you need to be prepared to pour. Your contractor should have everything ready and have a crew on-site to work and finish the concrete as it is poured. If you have several truckloads coming, the crew needs to work fast between loads to be ready for each truck as it arrives. 

An experienced concrete crew will know how to time the work between loads and how long they can let the ready-mix concrete set before finishing needs to be completed. Since the concrete is being mixed off-site and trucked in according to your schedule, you can pour an entire patio, garage floor, or pad for a new home in a few hours.

Using ready-mix is faster and cleaner, and it will ensure that each batch of concrete is mixed precisely and with the same ingredients to ensure the final product's consistency. Ready-mix concrete can save a lot of time and produce a better end product than older mixing methods, but it is often more expensive, so talk with your concrete contractor to determine the best option for your job.

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