"Green" Concrete: Choose It for Your Next Project

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If you have a construction project lined up for your home or business, you should investigate "green" concrete. Using eco-friendly concrete can ensure your building is both sturdy and environmentally sound. Before you begin construction, consult with your commercial concrete contractor about the advantages of this substance. By choosing to go green, you will be making a responsible and economical choice that will benefit you as well as the planet. 

Traditional Concrete

Traditional concrete is a mixture of cement, gravel limestone, water, and various other ingredients. Although this substance is incredibly popular worldwide, manufacturing it uses many natural resources. Currently, experts estimate that one cubic meter of concrete exists for each person on earth. Concrete is everywhere. Unfortunately, ordinary concrete also is responsible for approximately five percent of the world's carbon emissions due to the burning of limestone and other materials used in its production.

Green Concrete

In contrast, green concrete is made from sustainable materials such as waste items and recycled materials. It contains fly ash, a waste material created in coal power plants that is currently helping to clog our landfills. Aluminum can fibers and recycled concrete aggregates are also part of the green concrete mix. By using this substance, you are reducing your project's carbon footprint, keeping waste products out of the nation's landfills, and creating a strong and durable building. 

Other Benefits

Using green concrete offers other advantages as well. It gets stronger more quickly and shrinks less than traditional concrete products, meaning construction will proceed quickly and efficiently. Green concrete buildings also have amazing fire-resistant qualities.They are able to survive temperatures approaching 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, almost ensuring that a fire will not destroy them. In addition, they last longer than ordinary concrete structures because they are resistant to corrosion from the elements, including acid rain. If you want your building to last for decades, green concrete is an excellent choice of building material. 

For your next construction project, explore the advantages of using green concrete. As mentioned, this substance offers you the chance to be environmentally conscious while choosing the best material for your building. A green concrete building will last longer, resist fire better, and pollute the environment less than ordinary concrete. Green concrete resists the elements as well, so your building should be around for years to come. Consult a concrete contractor, such as one from Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corp, for more information on this wonder material before you begin your construction project.