Options For Repairing Your Concrete Pool Deck

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Concrete is one of the most modern, long-lasting, and beautiful options for a pool deck. Unfortunately, if it is not maintained well or is exposed to extreme weather, the concrete surface can become damaged. If you have cracks, small potholes, discoloration, or scaling that affect the function or appearance your concrete pool deck, you can look into different options for repair. Here are some of the common ways you can repair the damage.

1. Use acrylic fillers or adhesives.

For tiny cracks or small abrasions left behind from a salt or a hail storm, one of the easiest fixes is a concrete patch product that is actually made out of a strong adhesive that will bind to the existing concrete of the deck and harden to create a patch. These fillers are available from most home improvement stores, and are the most cost effective option for small-scale damage.

2. Use adhesive and fresh concrete.

For larger holes and cracks, you will need to use concrete, either ready mix or mixed yourself, to fill in the gaps. However, fresh concrete will not have a bond with the older deck surface, which can make the patch weak. For this reasons, a concrete adhesive still needs to be applied before you can pour any new concrete into the gaps. These adhesives and the new concrete will not bond to the deck if it is unclean. it's best to use a power washer to remove all dirt and existing chemicals, like dried chlorine or salt, from the pool deck surface.

After the new concrete is applied, it should be leveled or stamped to match to old surface as closely as possible, If your deck was stained with acid wash, you may need to call a professional to help make the new patches match the color of the rest of the deck before you apply a sealant. 

3. Have the deck completely resurfaced.

For extensive damage, it is better to leave the work to professional and to have new ready mix concrete poured over the entire deck surface. Significant damage might be caused by foundational shifts, leaving the deck uneven with cracks, or chemical damage that leaves the majority of the finish marred and pocked so that patching one or two areas is no longer an option. Keep in mind that resurfacing a deck is still more cost effective than completely replacing it-- the foundation of the original deck helps to save on costs.

If you have any questions about what repair option is best for your pool deck, talk to a concrete contractor in your area like New Interstate Concrete.