Keeping Customers Safe In Your Business Parking Lot

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If you have an asphalt parking lot available for your customers to use when they visit your establishment, there are a few steps you will want to do to ensure their safety while on your property. Maintaining your parking lot is necessary to upkeep on damage, allowing people to drive and walk through with less risk of injury. Here are some steps to take when maintaining your business parking lot.

Clean Regularly

Each week, take the time to clean your parking lot so it is free from debris. When larger pieces of garbage are present, customers can become injured if they should step on something sharp or trip over an item. Damage to tires can also occur. Smaller debris is also a risk to your lot as water can pool around it causing deterioration to the asphalt underneath. Sweep up larger items and use a pressure washer to thoroughly remove debris from the parking lot surface.

Make Repairs

When there are spots in your parking lot that are crumbling or cracking, simple repair will need to be made to keep customers safe. Use small gravel pieces to fill in crevices. Cover the gravel with rubber asphalt cement. Spread the cement over the surface with a putty knife so it blends into the lot, making it less noticeable. Have an asphalt service spread a new layer of asphalt over the entire lot when there seem to be many areas needing repair. A seal coating top layer will give the lot a pleasing look while giving customers a safe area to walk and drive. For more information, contact Asphalt Industries LLC or a similar company.

Add Guidelines

If your parking lot does not have painted guidelines or parking bumpers present, you may want to consider adding one or both. These will give your parking lot a cosmetic pick-me-up while allowing your customers to navigate the lot easily. Each customer will have a designated space, keeping their vehicles safe from nicks, scratches, or similar damage that could be a result of close parking.

Incorporate Walkways

Consider placing an area for pedestrians to walk through the parking area with a smoother surface. Cement portions can be placed along the perimeters of lots so walkers can be safely out of the way of oncoming traffic as they make their way to your establishment door. A raised platform walkway can also be placed in the middle of the parking lot for convenience. Line the walkway with rails and decorative floral arrangements to give customers a pleasing view as they walk through the area.