3 Unique Masonry Projects To Incorporate In Your Home

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Masonry is one of the world's oldest professions. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and skill to work with brick and concrete, and experienced masons are able to create masterpieces from these mediums.

If you are looking to add some interest to the design of your home, here are three unique masonry projects you may want to incorporate into your renovation plans in the future.

1. Turn your fence into an artistic brick and stone mural.

While fences are made to add privacy to your outdoor living space, your fence doesn't have to be boring. By working with a skilled mason, you can turn your existing brick fence into an artistic masterpiece.

An experienced mason will be able to remove a section of brick from your existing fence and use a variety of carefully selected stones to create an image (like a tree or abstract spiral). The contrasting textures of the brick and stone come together to form a natural mural that you will be proud to display in your outdoor living space in the future.

2. Transform the look of your fireplace with river rock.

A fireplace can serve as the focal point of a room, so having an attractive fireplace surround is essential. While many fireplace surrounds are made from brick, you can upgrade your own surround to a more interesting focal piece by having a mason remove the brick and add river rocks instead.

The smooth surface of river rocks allows them to be carefully fitted together with mortar to create a stunning fireplace surround that will impress your family and friends.

3. Light your outdoor pathways with solar bricks.

Having ample light in your outdoor living area can prevent injury and deter criminal activity. One of the most unique and elegant ways to shed some light on the paths that run through your yard is with the addition of solar bricks.

A skilled mason will be able to incorporate specially designed bricks that light up at night using energy they gather from the sun's rays during the day and store into your existing brick path. You won't have to worry about trimming around peg lights along the outside of your path when you have an experienced mason install solar bricks.

There are many different ways to incorporate unique masonry projects into your home decor. Making the choice to transform your brick fence into a work of art, update the look of your fireplace with river rock, or light your outdoor paths with solar bricks will allow you to take advantage of the skill and experience of masons.

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