Four Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Ready-Mix Concrete Into Your Concrete Contracting Business

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Many concrete contractors may prefer to steer clear of ready-mix concrete. They worry about quality and final project results. However, there are many more benefits of using this product in your line of work as a concrete contractor, and here are just a few of those reasons. 

Ready-Mix Concrete Takes the Guesswork out of Mixing Concrete

The biggest and best reason for using ready-mix concrete is that it takes the guesswork out of mixing the concrete with separate components. When you need to make small batches of concrete at a time, you could make a mistake by adding too much aggregate or too much water, which would make the concrete too runny or too lumpy and chunky. The ready-mix stuff has the perfect measurements of everything but water, and the instructions on the bags of the concrete will tell you exactly how much water and how much of the dry mixture to combine in order to avoid overly runny or chunky concrete.

Ready-Mix Has Several Formulas to Fit Project Needs

If you need a ready-made concrete for sub-zero use or concrete that will cure two to four times as fast as traditional concrete, there is a ready-mix concrete formula for that. There are several mixtures that are sold in different packages, each easily identified from the next formula on the labels. For example, one brand-name company color-codes their ready-mix concrete formulas in the bags; red for fast-drying, blue for sub-zero, etc.

The Instructions on the Bags Pre-Calculate the Total Square Footage Covered by "X" Bags of Concrete Mix

Besides keeping things simple for figuring out how much powder/aggregate mix to add to water, the instructions on many bags of different concrete formulas also help you quickly and easily figure out how many bags of this stuff you will need. A chart showing the total square footage of your concrete project and the number of bags you will need per square foot should be on the back/bottom of the bag for most brands. Just find the total square footage you are going to cover with concrete and then look across the chart line to see the corresponding number of bags.

You Can Use Ready-Mix Concrete for Pre-Cast Concrete Projects

If you do a lot of pre-cast concrete projects, you can save a lot of time and money using some of the faster drying and curing formulas of ready-mix concrete. This includes any stamped concrete projects or acid-stained concrete. You may decide that the end results for these specialty projects is worth the attractive and affordable results.

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