How To Patch Foundation Concrete

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Concrete foundations are going to crack after a while. In fact, they might even start to pick up small cracks immediately after they are poured. As soon as the concrete dries and settles, it can form small cracks. Usually, the small cracks aren't anything to worry about. However, if they get big, you want to fix them as soon as possible. This article explains the best tools and techniques for fixing cracks in your foundation concrete.

Is Your Crack Big Enough?

First of all, not every crack is going to be wide or enough to be filled with concrete crack filler. If your crack is less than 1/8" wide, it probably can't be successfully filled with crack filler. This is too small of a space for the crack filler to actually take hold. However, once the crack gets any bigger (like 1/4" wide) you should think about fixing it. Also, if you have large holes or cracks that are several inches deep and wide, using crack filler might not be adequate. If you have such severe blemishes on your concrete, you should probably have them professionally repaired.

Using Crack Filler

Concrete crack filler is cheap and easy to use. You can find it at most home-improvement stores. It comes premixed in squeezable bottles or tubs. The squeezable bottles are better for narrow cracks, while the larger tubs are better for bigger holes in your concrete. Some people try to fix concrete cracks using the same concrete mixture that they used when they originally poured the foundation. This might seem like it would make sense, but it is not a good idea. Concrete mix, when used in such small dosages, is not going to be strong. That is, in such a small crack, the concrete will chip, crumble, and fall out. Basically, you need to use crack filler because it is mixed with glue and adhesives that make it strong and sticky. This means it can hold and even the narrowest crack.

Applying the Crack Filler

You basically squeeze the crack filler into the crack, and then use a putty knife or squeegee to scrape the top. You just want to fill in the cracks, and try not to get too much of the crack filler onto the top of the concrete foundation. As the crack filler dries, and it might sink and settle a bit, so you will need to top it off.

As you can see, this is a simple job. Many people just neglect to do it because they don't have crack filler on hand. Once you invest in a crack filler or ready mix in, you can immediately make repairs to small cracks around your foundation.