The Beauty Of Polished Concrete

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Polished concrete looks great. While it has commonly been used for garage and warehouse flooring, most exterior concrete is left raw. Many builders try to avoid using polish concrete outside because it can be quite slippery when it is wet. But, polished concrete is quickly becoming very popular as an interior flooring solution as well. It definitely has a modern style and feel, but it is a look that is currently very trendy. This article looks at a few of the perks of having polish concrete inside your home.

A Cheap Flooring Solution

First of all, creating a polished concrete look is going to be very cost effective if you have a concrete subfloor already. That is, you can remove your existing flooring product, prep, and polish your concrete subfloor, and create the look. You don't need to buy a new flooring material, so you can potentially save thousands of dollars. Much of the prep work necessary on a polished floor is also necessary before you can install a new material anyway. One of the best things about creating a polished concrete floor is that it doesn't damage your subfloor. That is, if after a couple of years if you want to install a product on top of it, it will be just like starting from scratch.

Polished Concrete Styles

The look of polished concrete is definitely very strong, and not for everybody. It is a modern style that in braces the natural blemishes and production process. You can often see every single marking in the subfloor. Rather than detracting from the style of the concrete, it gives it a little bit of character. Polishes are finished off with a glaze, which can also be dyed for a little splash of color. Rather than cover the concrete, these glazes just stain them to add a very subtle tone.

Polished Concrete is Low Maintenance

Homeowners also love easy maintenance of polish concrete. The polished surface is going to be much more water resistant, meaning it is easy to clean and take care of over the years. Polished concrete can stand up to the harshest spills, whether they are in your kitchen or garage. Liquids can be wiped up easily with rags before they stain the concrete.

It is easy to see why polished concrete finishes are so trendy right now. They can look great in pretty much any room, inside or outside. For more information on using crushed stone, contact your local concrete service.