Unfinished Basement Because Of Drainage Issues? A French Drain Can Help

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Do not let poor drainage around your basement keep you from your dreams of a finished basement. There are steps you can take to rectify drainage issues and protect your home, and this help comes in the form of a French drain. Learn how the installation of a French drain system can help bring your dreams of a finished basement into a reality.

Keep Water Away

In short, a French drain means that you will no longer have pooling water inside your basement. When it rains, instead of the water moving toward the foundation and ultimately, inside your home, this system routes the water away safely. 

With this system you can have the water routed to a standalone drain you have installed in the yard, away from your home or to a sump pump. The point is, the water does not end up in the basement where it would inevitably damage any finishes you have installed. You get your finished basement and avoid costly damage.

Leave More Money

Compared to some other drainage solutions, this option is more cost-efficient. One of the primary reasons why this installation is affordable is that it is an easy process to complete. Unlike some other systems, this option does not require any significant changes to the terrain around your home. Instead, it creates a small channel for the water to flow based on the existing landscape. 

The installation of a French drain is a win-win. On the one hand you resolve the pooling water issue so that you can finish the basement, but you spend less so you have more money to put towards the buildout of your new space. It is also worth noting that the process from start to finish is relatively short. 

Long-Term Protection

After a professional installation, you can look forward to long-term benefits. A French drain system works right away, and it works for many years to come because it does not have any mechanical or moving parts. Provided the drain system is not disturbed, it will continue to operate without any problems.

If you decide on a system with a standalone drain, to ensure you do not have issues, make it a point to periodically check the drain to ensure there is no debris covering it. A clog with cause the water to back up, and possibly seep into your basement.

Even if you do not have dreams of finishing your basement, it is a good idea to consider a French drain system if you have problems with pooling water. Contact a French drain contractor for further assistance.