Concrete Patio Finishing: Options For Your Old Patio

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If your home has a concrete patio, you're likely to find that concrete isn't impervious to wear and tear. When time and the weather have led to a worn and damaged concrete patio surface, you may be thinking about having the patio resurfaced to restore its beauty and original condition. If you've been considering this, you should talk with a concrete contractor about your finishing options. Here are a few of the things that you should think about to find the right concrete patio finishing solution for your situation.

Consider Sandblasting

Before you refinish the surface of your concrete patio, you should make sure that you're starting with a clean surface. To do that, the first thing that you want to do is sandblast the surface of the patio. Sandblasting is the best solution because it will eliminate the surface stains as well as any dirt, giving you a fresh, clean concrete surface to start working with for your refinishing process.

Once the sandblasting is done, you'll want to rinse and sweep the whole surface to ensure that there's no residue left behind. This also ensures that anything you apply to the concrete patio will adhere without any debris disrupting the application.

Think About Staining

If you're interested in adding some color to your backyard patio to eliminate the grey finish, you should consider staining the concrete. Stain can be applied to concrete at any time, no matter how long you've had your patio. Once the stain is sprayed or brushed on, it needs to dry and cure. From there, you'll need to have the surface sealed with a clear coating that protects the stain and eliminates the risk of any kind of fading or weathering.

Explore Pavers

When your backyard environment can benefit from a different design and style, you should think about applying pavers to the surface of the patio. Pavers can be applied easily by coating the patio with some fresh concrete mixture and then pressing the pavers securely into the mixture. Allow the pavers to sit undisturbed while the concrete beneath seals. Opting for pavers allows you to choose any appearance, including brick and stone.

Discuss Engraving

Sometimes you find that a smooth patio surface in your backyard is boring. If you don't want to modify it with pavers, you can talk with your concrete contractor about engraving the patio surface. You can have any kind of pattern or design cut into your concrete patio surface. Ask your concrete contractor what kinds of designs they are able to produce.