3 Reasons To Use A Liquid Concrete Pump Primer

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A primer gets your pump ready for its concrete. If you don't use the right product here, then your concrete won't have a smooth journey through the pump. While you can mix up your own primer from concrete or from a specialist priming mix, you can also use liquid products.

What are the benefits of using liquid primers?

1. Get an Easy Mix Solution

Dry primers work well in concrete pumps as long as you get the mix right. When you use these products, you add the dry mix to water. Once it dissolves, you add the solution to the pump to get its parts ready for the concrete to come through.

However, you won't always find it easy to mix a dry primer. The mix might not dissolve easily and quickly, especially if the water or weather is cold. You might have to spend a lot of time stirring the mix to combine it completely.

A liquid primer is much easier to mix. You simply pour the primer into the water and stir it. The two liquids combine a lot faster than a dry/wet mix. So, you can prime your pump faster.

2. Get Maximum Priming Benefits

You will run into problems if you don't use a pump primer correctly. For example, if you use a dry product and don't mix it until it completely dissolves, then the primer won't have the right consistency. It might not fully line all the pump's parts. Or, the first loads of concrete might wash the primer away leaving the pump unprotected as the job goes on.

If this happens, then the concrete will be more likely to stick to the inside of the pump. If you get a blockage, then you have to clear it and fix any damage it causes. This could cost you time and money.

You'll find it easier to get a liquid mix right. As long as you use the correct volume of water, the primer will set at the right consistency. You get even and effective coverage and your job will go more smoothly and without interruptions.

3. Reduce Loading and Storage Needs

Dry concrete primer mixes are heavier than liquid products. You'll have to get the mix on-site and find somewhere dry to store it.

Liquid products are easy to manage. These mixes are small, light, and they usually come in waterproof containers. They are easier to carry around and store.

To find out more, contact concrete liquid pump primer suppliers and ask about their product range.