Options For Making More Parking Spaces On Your Commercial Property And How It's Done

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If your parking lot is always packed, it might be time to enlarge it. A bigger lot would make visiting your store more convenient for your customers. Talk to an asphalt paving contractor like J & B Asphalt & Paved LLC. about how the process works and if your lot can be enlarged based on drainage and other land issues. Here's a look at some options to consider and a quick overview of how the work might be done.

Options For Creating More Parking Spaces

If your current parking lot is old and in need of frequent repairs, your asphalt paving contractor might recommend tearing out the old asphalt and putting in a new lot in the same place that will be extended to the sides to make it bigger.

If your current parking lot is in good shape, the contractor might suggest leaving the old lot and putting in a new lot right beside it. They might even recommend resurfacing the old lot so the entire parking area has new asphalt and new lines.

If there isn't enough room to extend your old parking lot, the contractor may find a suitable place elsewhere to install a new lot and then connect the two lots with an asphalt driveway.

Steps Involved In Making A Parking Lot Bigger

If you're having the old lot removed, the asphalt paving contractor has to break up the lot and haul the pieces away. If the contractor is putting a lot on open land, the land has to be excavated. This involves removing grass and taking away topsoil if needed.

When the land is excavated, a slope is created that allows rain to roll away from the lot or toward a drainage area. The remaining dirt has to be compacted with gravel and soil to create a sturdy base. Once the base is compacted and drainage is in place, the contractor can begin adding the asphalt to create a parking lot. After the asphalt is installed, the lines have to be marked according to ADA guidelines.

Your asphalt paving contractor might recommend sealing the asphalt in a few weeks or months once the asphalt has cured. You may need the parking lot sealed every few years, and you'll want to keep up with filling cracks too.

Regular maintenance keeps your lot from deteriorating as fast as it would if your lot was neglected. Asphalt slowly dries out due to sun exposure, so it won't last forever, but with sealcoating and proper care, your lot will last a long time.