5 Cases For Pumping Concrete

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Concrete pumping service providers can address needs on a wide range of projects. It isn't a perfect solution for every job, but there are many projects that are impossible or difficult without concrete pumping. If you have to make a decision about using pumping services, look at these 5 cases for using this solution.


One of the most common reasons you may want to pump concrete is to transport it over a certain distance. For example, you might be unable to get a cement truck into a side alley or onto the higher floors of a building. In these cases, concrete pumping might allow you to overcome the distance issues and deliver the product where you need it.

Notably, there are limits. The further you need to pump the concrete from the mixer, the more the contractor will have to add water to the mixture. As you add water to the mixture, the final dried product will shrink more. There may also be a heightened risk of cracking, especially if the concrete has to dry rapidly or in a low-humidity environment.


Some engineering projects call for concrete pumping services. Many types of pourable molds for residential foundations, for example, require pumped concrete to get the material inside the mold. You may also see pumped concrete on construction jobs where the material needs to flow in between sections of rebar. Pumped products are also commonly used in tall buildings to provide more solid support to pillars and even floors.

Prolonged Pouring

Not all projects allow contractors to just dump the concrete and move on. If you need to slowly pour the concrete, it may be better to use pumped materials. As previously noted, though, there will be concerns about drying, shrinking, and cracking. However, a wetter material should sustain a longer pour and allow you to take more time if you're dealing with something like a large mold.

Limited Team

Generally, traditional concrete pouring methods work best when you have a large team. Members can handle the pouring process and also make sure the top of the poured material is even. The smaller your crew is, though, the harder this will become. Using pumped concrete services, you can usually open the time window for pouring the materials with limited available labor.

Small Space

Some spaces aren't great for traditional methods. If you need to get into a tight spot in a building, for example, pumping may be the only choice. This issue also appears on renovation projects when it may be easier to snake lines into the structure. 

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